National Apprenticeship Week 2021 Showreel

March 18, 2021

In support of the Government-run National Apprenticeship Week, we delivered over 23 live events in collaboration with the UK’s largest employers, with over 25,000 virtual attendees.

Throughout the week, employers were able to showcase their opportunities to thousands of engaged students, who are actively seeking an apprenticeship. Watch the video below to explore the week:

Careermap, the team behind, surveyed over 25,000 attendees asking whether they felt better prepared for life outside of the classroom and if the events sparked their interest in applying for an apprenticeship with the employer.

Key Findings

We found that:

95% felt in a better place to make a well-informed decision after the webinar event

70% said they searched the employer after the webinar event

72% said they wanted to apply for the employer’s apprenticeship opportunities after the webinar event

88% of attendees would recommend the webinar events to a student/friend

87% of students found the opportunity to get their questions answered by the employers an excellent way to learn further about the employer’s culture and values

The events were a great success and enabled young people to explore options outside of the traditional university route so students could make better-informed decisions on their career options. All of our events are created with schools and colleges in mind, to support them to achieve Gatsby Benchmark 5, with pupils having the opportunity to learn about employment opportunities, what the world of work is like, how to be successful in the workplace and what skills employers value.

The foundation of our webinars is to provide young people with a ‘meaningful encounter’ with the employer and their employees, giving students the opportunity to interact during the live Q&A at the end of the session.

How Can We Help Employers?

Our live events present employers with an innovative approach to building brand awareness, increasing the visibility of your early career opportunities and boosting applications, we’ll also work with you to create a targeted approach that achieves your goals and supports maximum engagement.

The team at Careermap run live events during National Graduate Week, Lifelong Learning Week and throughout the year, for information on how Careermap can support your recruitment process, please contact