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Energy & Utilities Jobs works with 21 leading employers across the sector. You can find apprenticeships to give you the kick start you need to thrive in the industry of your choice. There are opportunities to start a career that will help the UK transition to a greener, more sustainable future.

Typically recruits

Electrical Technician Advanced Apprentice Level 3
Operational Apprenticeships
Gas Engineering Advanced Apprentice
Renewable Project Management Apprentice
Craft Apprentice - Smart Energy Engineer
Cyber Security Higher Apprentice
Substation Apprentice

Key Facts

Fact #1

277,000 new recruits are needed in the sector by 2030 to help the UK transition to a more sustainable future.

Fact #2

Climate change is the biggest challenge we are facing, join an apprenticeship which supports the journey to net-zero.

Fact #3

A move towards renewable energy sources has transformed the sector, with a greater demand for workers with technical skills and an awareness of environmental factors.

Case study

Meet Brianika, Leakage Technician - Apprentice, Anglian Water

Meet Brianika, Leakage Technician - Apprentice, Anglian Water

As a Leakage Technician Apprentice, I have a vital role in helping to keep the water flowing to homes and business and also to prevent flooding.

Everyone needs water whether it is a household or commercial customer, so to be able to help prevent any issues is beneficial for everyone.

There are so many opportunities available in this industry.  As a general Leakage Technician, I am also given a lot of training with the equipment that we are given. Even though I am an apprentice and have been with the company for just over a year, I applied for a role as a Future Leaders Board member which I had worked hard to be able to achieve. If you want to succeed and put in the hard work, Anglian Water will help you achieve anything you aspire to be.